The Best User Profiles on FML

Today, we're kicking off what we hope will become a grand tradition of honoring and celebrating you, the beautiful FMyLife community. Here's the first ever list of our top 10 most interesting FML profiles!

This past week I, your humble servant, spent hours (for real, though) combing through the endless profiles on the site. What I was looking for: funny / interesting / cute pictures, without faces, accompanied by a nice bio. After fighting wind, rain, snow, fatigue and hunger, I narrowed it all down to a handful of profiles that I thought fit the bill. Congratulations to these 10 users!


ATTENTION: The following profiles are listed in random order. No one is better than the others, including those that didn't make the cut. This is not a competition!!!

Let us begin.

Lesser_fml - the animal lover

Photo: A cat with a special hat.
In the bio: I highly recommend adopting a three legged animal. they need love just like every other creature.
Why we love it: A sneaky photo... a call to action for disabled furballs... what's not to love?


apineapple - the pineapple

Photo: A pineapple.
In the bio: Pineapples are my thing.
Why we love it: Pineapples are funny. This guy is funny.


Rababco - the shy friend

Photo: A cute little lamb.
In the bio: I'm actually really shy in real life, so it's much easier for communicate behind a screen than in person.
Why we love it: She's shy but openly friendly, inviting everyone in for a chat. She also apologizes in advance for any grammar mistakes. So polite!


CheekyRaccoon - the jokester

Photo: A minimalist raccoon.
In the bio: I post smartarse comments, bad puns and weird stories. I know what you're thinking, why is a raccoon on the internet and how? Well to answer that question, it has to do with a lot of magic and free unprotected WiFi from my neighbour...
Why we love it: Trash pandas are sneaky and cute. This one is doing a fine job!


Hyenayena - the hyena

Photo: A pretty chill-looking hyena.
In the bio: *hyena noises*
Why we love it: That's the entire bio, right there. We think that's pretty funny. What more could a hyena say anyway?


pjsr - the guy who minds his own damn business

Photo: A sporty pregnancy. Beer belly? Either way, it looks loved.
In the bio: What drives me crazy is when people give advice in response to an FML ... the OP is not waiting for a response. It's not happening in real time.
Why we love it: The picture is intriguing, and whether or not we agree with his bio, he's politely taking a stand in his own space, and we respect that.



usernametaken822 - the lazy girl

Photo: A pug with a bobble pug.
In the bio: Why work out when you could eat pizza and watch tv...
Why we love it: Who doesn't love pugs? Sure, they're inbred and unhealthy, but they're so cute! Plus, the bio really speaks to us. #relatable


imafan123 - the breath of fresh air

Photo: A fan.
In the bio: I am the fan in your house. Did you feel that breeze? you're welcome.
Why we love it: We all need someone to cheer us on! If nothing else, he'll help keep things easy breezy. (Beautiful. (Covergirl.))


Tiny_Rick - the Rick & Morty fan 

Photo: It's tiny Rick! 
Why we love it: We love Rick & Morty so we had to include this one. Bonus points if you can remember Birdperson's translation of the catchphrase!


SpaceToast - the cutie pie 

Photo: A cute little bumblebee!
In the bio: I have a dream, that there will one day be a species of giant, domestic bumblebees. I would then make one as a pet companion, and walk or fly my bumblebee on a leash, around town. It's name will be Bumbles.
Why we love it: Did I mention cuteness yet? So cute. Ugh.


Congratulations again to the 10 users! You made us smile and laugh... keep up the good work! To everyone else... take notes! 

Until next time,

By Cali / Friday 24 February 2017 10:56 / USA
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By  Exodiafinder687  |  58

Is there any way to search up users anymore? There used to be an option under the search function to look up people by their username, but with the new layout it's either gone or has been moved and I can't find it anymore.