The 15 Funniest Kanye Related Tweets On The Internet Right Now

Discussing politics can be an FML. So let's not do that, and instead laugh at all the funny commentary surrounding the drama.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know that Kanye West has rejoined Twitter and has taken the social media platform by storm. Some people are very happy by his newfound political stances, and some very upset. But we're ignoring both sides of that argument, and instead, focusing on the hilarity of it all. Because when there is drama, there are jokes to be made. Here are the funniest tweets about Kanye West.
















By Nadine / Wednesday 2 May 2018 16:43 / France
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By  Lalala579121  |  27

How long before I see a Twitter post of a picture of a phone using FML to look at a picture of a phone looking at a retweet of a picture of an Instagram post of a tweet? I think I got all that correct.