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Take the L

Today, on Facebook, someone wrote a status implying that she was going to kill herself. I called a mutual friend, asking to check up on her. The next status the girl puts up said, "Someone thought I was going to commit suicide! Haha what a loser!" FML
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  adrianh1090  |  12

Would you like a cookie?

  Axipiter  |  24

29, when I first quickly glanced at your comment, I thought it said "smack her upside her head with a taser." Damn near squirt coffee outta my nose. Nicely done!

  Exhaling  |  12

She did the right thing. If someone told me about them wanting to commit suicide, joke or not, I'm going to inform someone. I would not be able to live with the fact that I could have saved someone if they actually committed suicide.

  xBethanyC  |  15

Yeah, Op, don't eve hesitate to do what you did again, because not everyone is an immature jerk like that girl, and if the situation ever comes up again, you could end up saving someone's life.

  swhi12000  |  7

As someone who suffers from depression I think people who people who pretend to want to kill themselves are losers. I would want a friend like you if it were me OP!

  bellydancer82  |  15

One time a friend I knew to have suicidal tendencies did the same thing, said something like, "you won't see me tomorrow, goodbye." on Facebook. I called 911 and they kept him in a hospital for weeks. Suicide isn't something to joke about, and people shouldn't be afraid to take action to keep someone safe.

  Brianna_Ray  |  23

I had someone close to me commit suicide so it makes me really mad when people joke about doing it. It's a serious matter and shouldn't be taken lightly. You did the right thing OP.

By  wakka9876  |  17

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  seth7_  |  22

Wouldn't the fact that she's prepubescent make it all the more serious? Last time it checked teen suicide was a big deal and shouldn't really be taken lightly.

  wakka9876  |  17

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  Rababco  |  29

@19 Wow, I'm sorry, that's horrible. :( It's sucks that people (especially people who are supposed to care like your parents and friends) didn't take you seriously and get you help. Of course, people like the girl on Facebook in the fml don't help, it just makes others think that your just trying to get attention.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

My boyfriend was clinically depressed from middle school up until his senior year of high school and his parents found out because he posted a dark/suicidal status on his email thing and a friend of his saw it and told his parents. If it wasn't for his friend, my boyfriend would have never gotten help for his depression and who knows what might have happened, so it was awesome that the OP reacted the way they did. If someone posts something like that it's most likely a cry for help.

  stargirl_95  |  24

It's been proven that people who are planning to commit suicide will often announce it before hand in the form of jokes, comments, etc. For this reason, you MUST take suicide threats seriously. Better safe than sorry.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

First off, we don't know the age of the girl who wrote the status. Second, if someone does post this, you should take it seriously. This could have been a cry for help. Better to take it seriously, have someone check on the person expressing suicidal ideation, and have it be a false alarm than to not take it seriously and have the person do something to harm herself.


Actually statistically speaking most suicides occur from people who have no documented mental health history. But what do I know? I'm only on a crisis intervention team where I work.

  snivellus  |  6

#5 actually there have been children as young as six thought to have committed suicide (a little girl hung herself after an argument with her mom but they aren't sure she did it realizing the consequences) as well as children as you as 12 who knowingly committed suicide. Young or not the OP did the right thing and that girl is a dick.

By  Nickb55  |  16

I speak for everyone when I say just how dumb that person is. You did the right thing. Thanks for taking action because not a lot of people would do that.

By  driinkbleach  |  18

Wow that's messed up. You should def post one of those old fashioned memes (I'm sure we've all seen one on fb) with the guy who has hand up that says "kill yourself" lol :D

  cocainewhore  |  30

No, your comment is messed up. Suicide is not funny, it is certainly not a joke. Almost a year ago, I lost my brother to suicide. That 'kill yourself' meme is incredibly offensive, suicide is not something that should ever be taken lightly.

  DotDootyDot  |  17

Your lack of empathy is disturbing, #78. If you truly care for someone who has suicidal thoughts, you'll do your best to help them get out of that horrible pit... Not just allow them to go even further.

  ksks1234  |  33

78-- I am going to assume you meant well with that comment. I will assume that you meant it as a "they no longer have to struggle/ be in pain".
I have severe clinical depression and every day I am here is literally a small victory for me. So I understand why people commit suicide. I am going to assume you are in the same boat and your words came out wrong, I will assume you are not a douche pond.
(Wow, that is a lot of assumes, sorry)

  Baucis  |  10

let me explain. there are situations where I could give a damn if a person is "trying" to commit suicide. If you are diagnosed with a mental disorder then you have my sympathy. If you try to commit suicide like one of my good female friends did....4 times....then you need to get it right the 5th. its pathetic. Attention is all it boils down to in her situation.


113-If someone tries to commit suicide four times, it's obvious that person really needs help, and saying "they need to get it right the fifth" is an absolutely vile thing to say. I can't believe you have the nerve to call yourself a "friend" to that person,