SuperBowl 2017: FML Breaks it Down

Good ol' American football. Quite a show indeed. What did you think of the game?


It was a wild evening, for sure. We're still not entirely sure where the spandex-clad men leaping across a field clutching a diamond-shaped ball ended and the Lady Gaga performance began. It's funny because we don't understand American football. Get it? Eh?



In all seriousness, though, it was wild. A huge lead and projected win was epically slammed by an unbelievable takeover. It was like the election, only more fun. There was confetti and choreography... There was singing and dancing and fire... There were celebrities and politicians and there was a coming-together of the American people that didn't seem possible a few months ago! Or weeks ago! Or days ago. It tore us apart again at the end, but we knew it couldn't last. At least the drones were pretty!

Back to the important stuff, like ads. There were some high-quality spots this year, but the favorite of the FMyLife team comes as no surprise, we're sure. For those of you that missed it, here's what Cards Against Humanity came up with for their coveted pregame airtime:



And now, for something completely different.

Butthurt, and Beyond

If you were up late Sunday night diligently moderating the FMLs, we salute you. You can skip this part. These FML submissions present a tidy summary of a rather emotional evening. 


So what did you think of the whole event? Did deflategate have anything to do with the outcome? Did the Falcons throw the game on purpose to save the nation from a football-fueled terrorist attack? Is Lady Gaga actually 3 different people? When can I get a grilled cheese delivered by drone?

Comment below or send me a message if you have the answers or any other thoughts!

Complaints can be forwarded to Tom Brady. He's ready to be taken down a notch.

By Cali / Tuesday 7 February 2017 02:06 / United States
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