Summer's here and the time is right for… 10 FMLs about Summer!

You should be dancing in the street, but no, your Summer is going from bad to worse. Here's a selection of FMLs from the past that could very well be your future.


1 - Are you ready-slash-excited about your vacation?


2 - Do you have the money to actually go anywhere?


3 - Escapism via vacations, the best way to free way your mind


4 - Staycations are the "in thing", just hang out with the neighbors


5 - Sea, sex…


6 - … for other people


7 - Tanning beds are evil


8 - If you wanted tact, you should've called a tactician


9 - Not everyone is going to Cancun


10 - Spend all Summer doing something constructive and reap the rewards

We'd actually like to hear the demo CD in question, send it in! In any case, we hope you are enjoying your summer, whether you're on vacation or not. We never get vacations, FML is open 24/7. Keep on sending us your stories about shitty vacations, plans that go wrong and cruise ships that hit icebergs. We're waiting.

By Alan / Wednesday 12 July 2017 12:05 / France
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