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By Anonymous - 4/11/2019 20:00

Stupid decision

Today, I took my 5 years long boo to dinner to celebrate my promotion. He decides to top my news with an announcement of a career change... he is going to close his repair shop and wants to go back to being a street hustler... like seriously?... FML
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

Coming this holiday season... a woman who earns her place as an assistant manager/barista at her local Starbucks... her "boo" who feels his calling is to sell crack and pirated DVDs on the street... and a mysterious figure who always watches them from the shadows, but never reveals their identity, even though it's obviously his crazy crack whore ex... in a movie with a plot so boring you'll beg to watch all the Step Up movies instead. Follow the two whitest people on Earth as they struggle to keep up the pretense that they're black, while simultaneously pretending they can live like Jay and Silent Bob. From 'Hood 2 Good, streaming globally from November 11th, only on Hulu, because not even Amazon Video would go near this shit.