Something Is Just Slightly Off About These Children's Toys. Can You Spot It?

These toys will haunt your children's dreams.

There's something just slightly off about these children's toys, but can you put your finger on what it is? For some, it's pretty obvious, but others not so much. Some are plain hilarious, some just got the name completely wrong and some are combining two characters into one... for some strange reason. 9gag came through with complete collection, and we picked out our favorites. 

Would you let your children play with these nightmare-inducing monstrosities?  

You know what they say about big hands..... Woody?

Side note: "Space Boys."

Close enough.

Winnie the Absolutely Terrifying

Our girl Nala is drunk as hell, did anyone take her keys? 


When you're on acid and you're confusing two totally different parts of your childhood 

Buzz's face says it all.... please end the suffering.

When you haven't done any of the homework all year but you give your best guess at the final and fail miserably. 

Can you spot what's wrong with this FransTromer?

By Nadine / Monday 4 June 2018 16:07 / France
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