Someone Found An Old "Grow In Water" Egg And The Result Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Toys from the 80s and 90s might give you all the nostalgia feels, but let's be real. We got the short end of the stick compared to all of today's kids with iPhones and iPads to play with. FML.

One Tumblr user got more than he signed up for when he found an old "Grow Babies" toy at the Goodwill. You know, those toys that grow up to about 6 times their original size when you leave them in water for a while? Well, curiosity got the best of Tumblr user iguanamouth that day--- because what came out of that egg was nightmare fuel. See for yourself, below. 

Congrats, Iguanamouth! You're a parent to a demon child. 


Source: BoredPanda
By nadine / Thursday 12 July 2018 14:59 / France
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Top comments
  Tony Friddle  |  11

*yawn* how.... original...

  Tony Friddle  |  11

*yawn* how.... original...

By  Christopher Martin  |  12

Kill it with fire!!!

By  Justine Malang  |  16

Hahahah omg that's funny as hell