By Allen - / Monday 14 January 2019 22:00 / United States - Marietta
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By  davidfong  |  14

Why is your church being so petty, you spent what you could on a toy for a kid that may not be able to get a gift, and that’s how your church treats you. You need to find a new church.

If they won’t say thank you then I will.

Thank you for your toy donation I’m sure what ever kid would’ve gotten would have been very happy to open it.

By  simmpandher  |  24

Was it the same toy you purchased? Are you a child 🤔 Sorry, I'm just confused. Are they returning your own toy back to you or do they consider you to be part of a low income family?

  RichardPencil  |  27

I’m thinking when he wrote “the toy,” it refers to the one he donated.

My guess is that he put his name on it to show he donated it, and someone thought that was who the toy was supposed to go to. That’s probably the most logical explanation. My comment provides a funnier scenario.