Snake Reunited With Owner After Accidental Goodwill Donation

The little boa has had quite the adventure!

How did this happen? According to NBCDFW, it all started with a ridiculously long game of hide and seek.


Austin Pair of Texas says his albino red-tailed boa, Toki, went missing while he was on a trip. When he got home, he searched and searched and found no trace of the sneaky little snake, who had apparently escaped his terrarium while Pair was away.


"We came back from vacation and I couldn’t find Toki. We looked everywhere. We even tried putting out glue, rat traps in hopes of trapping him. It wouldn’t have hurt him. He would have just lost some scales. We checked all the couches... or so we thought... all the clothing. We tore every single room apart and nothing. Just 'snake is gone'."


Pair did his best to locate the reptile, but days turned into weeks and months without any change. Eventually, he made plans to move and needed to get rid of some furniture including a couch, which he brought to Goodwill.


Can you guess what was inside that couch? Hint: It's not just springs, fluff, and loose change...


It was Toki the snake! He had been missing for 6 whole months when the donation occurred. Can you imagine allowing a game of hide and seek to go on for so long?


Fortunately, Toki was in surprisingly good hands with James Murphy and his crew at the Goodwill Warehouse where he was discovered. Murphy, who owns snakes himself, kept Toki safe until the news reached Pair.


"I’m just glad I was there to keep everyone safe and to keep my employees safe too. We get creepy crawlies from time to time - spiders, rats, and mice - but nothing this exotic. Definitely not something that I am used to."


Pair was extremely appreciative to get little Toki back, and has learned a lesson in all this as well.


"Don't buy an aquarium with an open top and try to make a lid. Just buy a legit terrarium. The one that has a wire top. Get tape for the sides if necessary."


Duly noted, dude.

By Gloria Borger / Tuesday 6 November 2018 16:40 / United States
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Toki could have eaten all the bunnies around the house, as well. My guess though, would be that he hunted outside, and ate whatever he could, before returning to using the inside of the couch as his nest. And the removal of the couch could have happened while he was asleep, so he may not have needed to eat before he was found.

  dacandicane  |  8

as an owner of 6 snakes.... I can tell you that they can go a very long time without food. six months is nothing to them. Water is the same... they get most from their food or through the skin

  SaucierGirl  |  20

A snake like that will probably only eat anywhere from once every two weeks to twice a week, depending on the size of the meal. They can survive longer if their meal is larger. Still, that would be a lot of food.

  maroongrad  |  13

Sometimes snakes don't bother to eat for months, esp. if they aren't warm enough. Snake may well have spent the entire six months chilling in the couch and listening to the TV!

By  AkaiKitsune  |  31

Having only clicked this because the snake in the picture looked to be the same colour as my own I’m really not surprised that it went AWOL for 6 months. Or that it got loose at all if the tried to fabricate a top for their aquarium enclosure. There’s a lot of force even a small boa can expend, remember they are constructed which makes for a very muscled snake. I’ve got a python of unknown breed (to small to be some certain breeds but way to big to be your common species and the head doesn’t fit in shape or size to the kind generally available) that was a rescue. I converted a room I no longer use as an enclosure and at the moment she’s just shy of 20ft and requires two people to safety handle her.