Several Women Ripped Off By A Restaurant Casanova

This modern heartbreaker might face up to 13 years for his dine-and-dash scheme.

You know the dine-and-dash technique? It's the simple act of sneaking out without paying the bill at a restaurant. It's often the work of reckless teenagers or small-time scammers, but amature hour is over - we've just found a professional!

The man in question is an American named Paul Guadelupe Gonzales, and he's now being accused of extortion, grand theft, and fraud. In all, according to The Guardian, he defrauded twelve women for two years before getting caught, and he could face up to 13 years in jail for it.

Each time, Gonzales organized the same heist. After meeting women online through sites and apps like Plenty of Fish and Bumble, he would invite them to dinner dates in expensive Los Angeles restaurants. He told them to choose whatever they wanted on the menu without worrying about the price.

It was time to indulge for him too: lobster, steak, fine wines etc. You only live once, right? Then, at the end of the meal, he'd find an excuse to slip away, like going to the bathroom or making a call. The women would then find themselves alone in the face of a multi-digit bill. Some restaurants took pity and cover for the damsel in distress, but often she would just pay it out of embarrassment.

Paul Guadelupe Gonzales is pleading not guilty, but he did very little to cover his tracks. He never changed his name or appearance and was caught on camera fleeing the scene several times (including an unrelated barbershop incident, which he fled in the salon's cape). Anyway ladies, the next time you go out with a date, be careful. Make sure that he doesn't sneak out towards the end of the meal and when in doubt, bring your credit card.

By Gloria Borger / Wednesday 19 September 2018 11:39 / United States
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By  Spockcuster  |  5

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Dine and dash is illegal for both sexes.. However the dinner whore thing is different, those sluts usually sleep with the guy or something. This guy just embarrassed women and ripped off businesses.

  Bellisario  |  5

The big difference is that in those scenarios, the people involved can talk about who pays the bill and then decide together. This person just literally dines and dashes and leaves his date with no options. Don't pretend like they're the same and cry "sexism!" when you can't even tell the difference between what actually happened, and your own examples.

  Kallica  |  3

Well actually, a lot of women offer to pay or help pay and often get told not to worry about it because the man will cover it. It's different in that case because while yes, going to dinner with someone just to get a free meal is morally wrong, it's not illegal. Men often offer to pay or say they'll cover it and there are plenty of women who will take advantage of that.
HOWEVER, what Paul did was completely different. He told the woman to get whatever she wanted and to not worrying about the price, acting as if he would cover it, and then equally splurged on himself then dipped out making her pay for the entire meal unwittingly. The difference there is that that particular exchange was not agreed upon. I'm sure had he discussed it with any one of those women they could've split the bill or she could've payed for the whole thing. But he didn't. He made it seem like he would take care of the whole thing. Whereas with these "Dinner Whore's" it's decided beforehand that the man will pay for everything and women just take advantage of that.
What Paul did was illegal. What inconsiderate, greedy women do to get a free meal, is not.


the women arent sneaking out so they dont have to pay the bill. a lot of the times, men believe they should pay everything and from my understanding, a lot of women either pay their part or they cover it. somehow you found a way to blame the woman

  PhoenixChick  |  26

If you'd ever been on a date with a woman, you'd realize that in normal legal situations, the people on the date decide how the bill is being paid. And it's none of your goddamn business how other people on dates split the bill for their meal. This dude tells the girls he's paying, then flees the restaurant to avoid paying.

By  lifeis4me  |  20

I think Spockcuster forgets to realize that even in their comment, they state that the women title themselves as “food whores”. If a woman openly puts that as their description for an online dating site, a guy shouldn’t be mad when she only dated him for the food. This guy is going to jail because he DIDN’T say he was only in it for the food. Therefore, scamming. It’s not a gender thing.

  Spockcuster  |  5

Well of course if a woman puts out a disclaimer that she is only there for food, then it is not her fault. She cannot be accused of concealing her intentions. Many women do not. Like I said in some other reply, all who scam like this are wrong. The sex differences I am bringing up are cultural and legal bias. The main idea I want to bring up is: how many women get away with this when men can't?

  SneezyBear  |  27

If a girl led a man to believe she was covering the meal, but then she fled the restaurant, then she'd be just as bad. Taking advantage of a guy who's willing to pay is one thing, but doing it to a guy who's NOT ok with it is something else altogether. One is just greed, the other is literally fraud. If you don't understand what consent is or how that can totally change a situation, then that's your problem and we can't help you.

  alycion  |  38

It’s that he implied he was paying. That’s where the scam is. A verbal agreement of sorts. If a female implied and skipped, she would be charged too. But most men won’t report it, so it ends up looking like a one time occurrence and nothing happens.

  KittyMack  |  13

Exactly, SneezyBear, thanks! You've put it perfectly!
"One is just greed, the other is literally fraud. If you don't understand what consent is or how that can totally change a situation, then that's your problem"

By  fde2blknimout  |  18

Does no one remember the guy out to dinner with his girlfriend found out he was listed in her phone as free food. They all deserved it! Hard way to learn a lesson though.

  KittyMack  |  13

"They all deserved it"...? Who? The victims in this story? For accepting someone's insistent offer to treat them to a night at a fancy restaurant? You think a good person would what? demand Taco Bell instead?
Do you perhaps fall into that category of incels who consider all women interchangeable and identical, and you don't understand that the women in this story are DIFFERENT PEOPLE than the women in the other story, and punishing all women for the bad behavior of a few is irrational?

  bl3ur0z3  |  17

I remember her. That story is irrelevant to this one because they are not at all the same.

In that story, a man invited a woman on a date hoping to further a relationship with him and she took advantage by getting free dinners though she had no other interest in him. She deserved to be left the bill. Iirc, he even paid his share on his way out.

In this very different story, a man invited women out and created the impression that he was covering everything, encouraging them to order expensive items and doing so himself as well. Then he left them with the bill with no notice.

Totally different scenarios.

By  KittyMack  |  13

Gotta say, though he's totes a criminal and a jerk... "facing up to thirteen years"!? Meanwhile rapists and people who kill by driving drunk might get no time at all, just a bit of probation. Sentences are often disproportionate to crime severity to the point of them seeming almost random.