Santa gets himself onto the naughty list!

Kids came for Christmas cheer, not cursing ...

Christmas is a stressful time of year, and we can only imagine it’s a lot worse for old Saint. Nick. He has to deal with kids demanding iPhones, a limited amount of time to drop off gifts worldwide, and the annual fear of not being able to fit down the chimney – and hey, we thought we had a hard time!


But, when you’re a kid, you only know Santa as that jolly little guy, with a chubby belly that shakes when he laughs like a bowl of jelly – right? Well, a bunch of innocent kids had that merry image torn away from their imaginations last week in Cambridgeshire, England, after this particular Santa saw red!


All suited and booted, the Mr. Claus reportedly went into meltdown upon hearing a fire alarm at a nearby venue. Shouting and swearing, he even ripped off his trademark beard, sending the innocent youngsters into a shocking realisation that the jolly old man has his bad days too. Bah, humbug!


Parents were left panicked as they made up elaborate stories, with one mother explaining to her kid that he was in fact an imposter – and was most definitely going on the naughty list!


But hey, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without at least one ‘bad Santa’ letting the festivities get the better of him – we think he needs to put his feet up and enjoy some cookies and milk. Or perhaps a beer.


Has the holiday season ever got the better of you? Have you ever ended up in a similar stress state as a result of the seasonal antics? Let us know in the comments below!

By FML / Monday 17 December 2018 12:44 /
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By  Gofuckyourself  |  24

Ooooooof, Elf would not approve of this 😬

By  Gofuckyourself  |  24

Ooooooof, Elf would not approve of this 😬