By calvinjakobs - 9/11/2019 03:00

Same name but distant

Today, I met the most compatible and perfect girl for me. After days of talking and finally setting up a date. We found out that we both live in different continents, just our city name has been the same. I was waiting at the restaurant for 5 hours. FML
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  Jeremy Strang  |  7

Ever heard of a chain restaurant having locations at the same address in different cities on different continents? Unless both cities happen to only have one location of the same restaurant.


The cities also share a name. And there are quite a few cities around the world that share street names, too. Add those facts to the previously mentioned possibility of OP and his date arranging to meet at a chain restaurant, and the chances of OPs story being true increases quite a bit. Waiting five hours is pretty sad, though.

By  Jeremy Strang  |  7

I'm having trouble with this one. Were the restaurants somehow at matching addresses in both cities? Was this a unique location that happened to share a name with one in the other city?

This is feeling improbable.

By  shelbimaree  |  5

For everyone saying it’s fake this shit can happen! I’ve done it, they had two identical niche bars on each end of the city, it took us quite a while to realise as it was busy when we couldn’t find each other. Don’t knock OP down why would you question if you are in the wrong town?