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  WeirdUS  |  29

Except it can kill the mood and prevent many from wanting to do it again. lol if you are that clumsy chances are it stopped quick/and or they didn't cum. Being that awkward isn't generally cute in the bedroom and not sexy.

By  CRC_101  |  31

Cheer up. You shouldn't feel so self-conscious. You were very likely more bumpy and awkward before you were sober. You were just too inebriated to notice or care. Good on the girl for having a better time - just hold off on the apologizing repeatedly. That can make things more awkward.

By  WeirdUS  |  29

Um.. the fact you need to be high or drunk to have sex is also a problem. If you were that bad sober imagine what you were like otherwise? Not looking good no matter what.

By  Matt Richard Conklin  |  6

I might have something to putb you back ontop!