Random Act of Kindness Day

Be excellent to each other. Not sure how? We can help.

It's February 17th, also known as Random Act of Kindness Day. Join us on an honorable quest to be less-shitty people! Only want to be friendly 1 day out of 365? Well, this is it!


Let's start with something easy. All you have to do is say something nice! If this is really outside your comfort zone, start small with other friendly jargon like "please" and "thank you" and then work your way up to something like "you look nice today" or "you're such a good writer, Cali". Just ideas.

Protip: Kind words are best served with a smile, otherwise you risk looking like a sarcastic jerk or a serial killer. Don't overdo it either! If you think you might need some mirror practice, you're probably right. Better safe than sorry, anyway.





Hold the door! (If this is a spoiler for you, we're not sorry. It's been nearly 9 months. You had your chance.) Anyway, even if it means standing in that uncomfortable position with your arm stretched out and too much weight on one foot, remember that this is for the greater good. The recipient will either appreciate it (and now owe you one) or ignore it (and suffer karmic wrath). Win-win.



Get up off of that thang

Similar to holding a door, this favor requires no planning and no expense. You'll waste a few calories getting up off your lazy bottom but did you really need them anyway? This is a great trick for waiting rooms, buses, trains, and parties. Be warned, though, that you may come off as weird or even rude to someone that doesn't obviously need the seat (like pregnant women, small children, those with broken limbs, and the elderly). The pretty lady will probably think you're sexist, not chivalrous.



Slow down

Today's the day to stop cutting people off in traffic and pretending you don't see the line to just scoot in at the front. You've heard this before, we're sure. Remember learning to share and take turns? Yeah, that stuff isn't just for toddlers. The better we can get along with each other, the better life will be, right? Besides, cutting ahead of that asshat in the Hummer just might cause a 3-car pileup that makes 1,000 other drivers a half hour late to work. You just ruined 500 hours of human experience. #notworthit




This one is actually really easy too. Got some crap you don't want anymore? Donate it! As long as it's not total junk, bag it up and drop it off at a charity. None nearby? You're probably wrong... those donation bins are everywhere! If you're a minimalist there's still a way- just clear out your pantry or buy an extra bag of canned goods and drop it off at a shelter or food pantry. It's inexpensive and it's good-deedy enough for you to pat yourself on the back for months.




Pay it forward

Speaking of spending money on other people, you could always just "pay it forward". This is one of the most popular ways to commit a random act of kindness... It's as easy as paying for the coffee of the next person in line or offering a transit swipe to a fellow commuter (though this may get you in trouble if you're on an unlimited plan instead of pay-as-you-go). Buy your mailman a rose! Buy doughnuts for your coworkers! Unless you hate all those people... then strangers might be your best bet.



Not so hard, eh? Just pick a gesture and a person or see where the rest of the day takes you and try something spontaneous! You might make someone's day or you might creep out a stranger... as long as your intentions are true it counts! Have a great weekend and be excellent to each other!

By Cali / Friday 17 February 2017 15:10 / France
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