Quiz Tiiiiime!

By Cali / mercredi 3 mai 2017 07:00
Accept the challenge. Seize the glory. Make your mother proud.

Welcome back! How nice of you to stop by. Did you have a good week? I missed you.

Noob? Here's how it works:

Choose the best multiple-choice option to complete the FML. Scroll down for the answer key. Comment your results. Champs win bragging rights, but everyone gets a compliment from me (even if they do a terrible job) until the next quiz comes out a week later. Nothing but good vibes here, guys.

1. Today, my girlfriend decided to let me know that she almost left me for another guy not so long ago, because he was more handsome and talented than me. The reason she didn't leave:

  1. "His dick was too big." FML

  2. "He's out of my league; you're not." FML

  3. "His apartment wasn't big enough for me to move in with all my furniture." FML

  4. "He wanted to settle down in Connecticut. Gross." FML


2. Today, I faked my age to win a __________. I just turned 19. FML

  1. free icecream cone

  2. child beauty pageant

  3. One Direction gift set

  4. colouring competition


3. Today, after a 9 hour train journey through the Polish mountains, I mistook a small black and white cat for...

  1. a hat and tried to pick it up. FML

  2. a penguin. FML

  3. a trash bag. I kicked it. FML

  4. a giant crustacean from the paleolithic era. FML


4. Today, my mom got drunk and started crying, ranting about...

  1. all the things she could have done in life if I hadn't been born. FML

  2. the "dirty Mexicans" trying to steal her job. She's a palm-reader. FML

  3. chemtrails and UFOs. FML

  4. how my cat avoids her when she visits. She thinks he's possessed. FML


5. Today, I discovered that nothing kills a wet dream faster than...

  1. a bucket of ice-cold water. FML

  2. falling off the top bunk. FML

  3. a kitten who pounces on things that wiggle under the blanket. FML

  4. having a tree fall on your house. FML


Sroll past the Timmy Turners for the answers!

tl;dr - BDBAC


By saintmichi - / Monday 1 February 2010 00:21 / Poland
By Anonymous - / Friday 9 May 2014 23:57 / United States - Akron
By JohnB - / Tuesday 20 October 2009 00:43 / United States

How did you do this week? Any better than the last?

If you follow us on twitter you should have recognized two of them from posts this past week. From now on, at least one quiz question will be a social media "freebie". If you feel so inclined, follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for bomb-ass content and a quiz advantage! If that's not your scene, don't sweat it. We like you anyway.

Comment your score below and I'll show you love!

Until next time,
Cali ✌︎


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