Passive-Aggressive Baked Goods Served to Racist & Homophobic Neighbor

Fight fire with... pastries? If you think that colorful treat is a peace offering, the cake is a lie. FML, right? Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Would you ever give cake to your nemesis?

In an Imgur post uploaded by user SharkswithFrigginLazerBeams last week, we were taken on a journey through frustration and revenge. Apparently a friend of his, a Portuguese / Japanese and Swedish / German mix, lives in a gated community that "maybe doesn’t get much exposure to non-whites". Sadly, this left him exposed to some pretty shockingly overt racism over the years. He was profiled mostly as a Mexican (like that's a bad thing) and treated like an intruder countless times, despite having lived there for more than a decade at the time of this cake fiasco. The Imgur post continues:

And when he walks his dogs it tends to manifest asking "Sir, can I help you?", "Do you live here?" or "Do you realize you're tresspassing?" as he calmly points out his house and dock in the distance. Sometimes security guards appear with complaints about him stealing mail, even though he has lived there over eleven years.

Ridiculous, right? He ultimately figured out that there was one neighbor in particular that kept reporting him / causing him the most grief, so he decided to fight back against her constant calls to HOA security in the sweetest way possible. Hate cake.


Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of the matter for our beleaguered resident, who also happens to be gay. What does his sexuality have to do with anything? Well, lucky him, his neighbor's bigotry didn't stop at racial profiling - she's homophobic too! What a gem.

She responded to his deliciously sassy cake with "a homophobic letter", the contents of which was not made public. Whatever it said, it must have struck a nerve for OP's friend, because he didn't let it go.

She clearly didn't deserve another fancy cake, but he tried again to tickle her taste buds (while also mocking her racist assumptions). He embraced his newfound Mexuality and gifted her a "puta" cupcake.

(If you don't know what that means, just look it up.)

No more Mr. Nice Guy, eh? Another Imgur user, TARDISisREAL, made an intriguing suggestion in the comment section:

He should walk his dog everyday in a rainbow sombrero carrying a Bluetooth speaker blasting Tejano and yell passing her house "Hola Puta!"

OP replied that it was his friend's favorite comment. Will he actually do it? We may never know, but we've got our fingers crossed for a follow up!






By Cali / Thursday 13 July 2017 11:06 / France
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