Paris Hilton Claimed She Invented The Selfie And These People Were Way Too Excited To Prove Her Wrong

Twitter takes us on a walk down memory lane after Paris Hilton claimed she and Britney Spears invented the selfie. But once people dug through the annals of history and came up with this collection of old school selfies, the whole thread turns out to be an FML for Paris.

Earlier this month, Paris Hilton, queen of meme-ifying herself, staked a claim that was so controversial, all of Twitter was in an uproar. That back in 2006,  she and Britney Spears invented the selfie.

Already famous for her Simple Life reality stardom, her failed venture into pop stardom, her incredibly successful venture into celebrity sex-tape stardom, her time as a resident DJ in Ibiza, not to mention that iconic Carl’s Jr. commercial of her eating a burger, Paris Hilton now wants to add to her resume “inventor of the selfie”?! The pinnacle of this self-centered generation?!

Not so fast, hot stuff.

While she may have provided a gleaming precedent for modern-day narcissists, she was most definitely not the first to have taken a selfie, and Twitter was down to call her out on it. Paris may have trademarked her catchphrase “that’s hot,” but she never trademarked the selfie and here are 20 pre-2006 selfies to prove it.

1. Bill Nye working that disposable.

2. George being cool in front of the Taj Mahal.

3. These dudes doing the selfie wayyyy back in the day.

4. Polaroid self-portraits.

5. Madge showing off her good side.

6. Arty mirror selfies were even around before Ms. Hilton.

7. Cool guy Kramer.

8. Tbh we were all this kid.

9. Van Gogh proves you don't even need a camera to do a selfie.

10. Trippy.

11. The men who may selfies a staple of travel.

12. Particularly loving Mr. Bean.

13. That doesn't look practical.

14. A man before his time.

15. Old school cool.

16. Paul McCartney was a pioneer of the mirror selfie as well.

17. From afar.

18. Show 'em, Marilyn.

19. colin powell

20. first ever

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