Panicked Flight Passenger Makes Most Dramatic Exit Possible By Popping Open Emergency Exit and Sliding Down The Chute

He thought he was on the wrong flight, so he got arrested instead. Total FML.

You already know that there have been an abundance of news stories about people doing weird shit on airplanes, but before that trend there were tons of stories specifically about United Airlines. Remember those? Well, we’re happy to bring you a story that’s one big shiny super-combo of both.

According to NBC 4 New York the United flight from New Jersey to Tampa had to take off 5 hours later than planned due to the “pit stop” one passenger decided to make when he opened the emergency exits and used the inflatable slide to escape the flight.

The passenger, 25 year old Troy Fattun was apparently very panicked and claiming that he was on the wrong flight, but Port Authority has since confirmed that he was indeed ticketed to be on the plane to Tampa.

So many questions, but where to begin?

How does one get one even get on the wrong flight? Did he accidentally buy the wrong ticket, because you can never “accidentally” get on a flight that’s not yours. They scan your ticket at the gate! Furthermore, why did he have to make the most dramatic exit possible? Depending on the timing of take off, can’t you just ask to get off the plane, if they haven’t already closed the doors? Even faking an emergency would have been better. But even as the worst case scenario: there are so many things you can say to get kicked off a flight, especially when it’s a United flight. Hello, they’re known for it! He could have been kicked off the flight and at the very least not be arrested. Not to mention all the other airlines which will make emergency landings because of disputes over things like passengers farting.

We’re just saying, this probably could have been handled better.

Just look at his picture! He looks so ashamed of what he’s done and it’s too hilarious. It’s OK dude. Can’t say we’ve all been there, but hey, most people never get to go viral in their lifetimes, so at least there's that. 

Image source: Port Authority/

Fattun was placed under arrest, which, we’re not sure how he didn’t see coming.

And you could have been on the beach in Tampa right now, dude.

By Nadine / Thursday 1 March 2018 14:11 / France
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