One Taylor Swift Fan Gets An Education in Bad-Assery After Challenging Twitter to Name A Badder Bitch

Whether it was meant to be rhetorical or she genuinely thought Taylor Swift was the baddest bitch of all time, this Twitter user found herself in an FML situation when literally thousands of people stepped in to name bad bitches throughout history. And they were right, they make Swift look a teddy bear in comparison.

If you keep up with pop culture, you may have noticed that Taylor Swift has been pulling an episode-three-level Anakin and turning to the dark side, and honestly it’s weirding us out.

“I’m sorry, but the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she’s dead.”

Sheesh, Tay-tay, bleak much?

Many of her fans are all for the “new Taylor,” praising her leather-clad exterieur, slicked back hair, and snakes slithering at her feet, as a sign of her rebirth as a Bad Bitch. But not everyone is convinced.

For example, earlier this week on Twitter, Swift fan @xnulz was called to reexamine her definition of the term when she posted this tweet asking Twitter to name a badder bitch than Taylor Swift.

And people answered. Oh, did they answer. The tweet was flooded with comments and retweets naming thousands of truly bad bitches from throughout history and while it’s a celebration of womankind, it’s probably not the response @xnulz was expecting.

Taylor, step aside, there are some real bad bitches coming through.

Some users offered full lists of bad-ass women.

Including women from the middle ages to the last century.

And shared the stories of incredible women like this bad bitch.

Or this one, who neither needs nor wants a man.

Or this baddie who started slaying at a young age.

I want to be like her when I grow up. 

This humanitarian.

This woman is a legend.

Another woman who triumphed against the Nazis.

Yet another Nazi fighter!

Modern day-heroes.

Slaying with her words.

Bow down to Malala, y'all.

This right here is a bad bitch. 

Couldn't have done it without her.

She didn't let anyone and or anything get in her way.

Not to mention all the other female astronauts.


Some of our family members are the baddest bitches we know, Like this mother.

Or this grandmother.

Or this daughter. 

And why not the user themself?

So many bad bitches!

By Nina / Tuesday 5 December 2017 12:43 /
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Top comments
By  JasonThorn  |  18

I know more than just one.

For the women's suffrage movement, Edith Garrud taught a group of women jiu-jitsu to act as protectors for various leaders of the movement. During one altercation with the police during a protest, they held off FIFTY cops to allow the founder of the movement, Emmeline Pankhurst, time to escape.

Extra Badass Fact: They were known at the Amazons.

By  ErinShannon  |  27

Some of these women I know about and others I had no clue about, it just shows how so many important people in history don't get taught in school, for reasons I don't know. Those women were the definition of bad bitches. Especially the young lass who won the noble peace prize.

By  KittyMack  |  13

I am no pop culture expert, but didn't Swift come from money? And her parents did all they could to help her get ahead? Plus she was born talented and good looking. If she's had any major problems with her physical or mental health surely the gossip industry would have let us all know, so I assume she is healthy.
Sounds like a very easy life. Like you could literally go outside, look around, and likely, every single woman you see is a badder bitch than Swift. Assuming that "bad" means "courageous in the face of adversity".

Some fascinating stories though! I am definitely gonna go google that nun-seducing lesbian!

  KittyMack  |  13

Oops she was not a lesbian, she was bi.
I am reading about her on a site called badass of the week. I highly recommend it, very fun style of writing.