One Guy Spends A Week Living With All Girls And Shares Everything He Learns About Girls In An Epic And Educational Twitter Thread

Living with girls is like living in a different world with its own rules and customs, and when you’re the only person around with a penis, navigating this world can be an FML. So when 20-year-old Robbie spent a week with all girls, he got the education of a lifetime and shared it all on Twitter.

When 20-year-old Robbie Stowers decided to go on a ski trip with a group of all girls, he didn’t know what he was getting himself into, but he sure as hell came out a smarter man once it was over.

Though it may sound like a trite observation, many women have rituals at home and in their daily lives that men who have never lived with a woman before are absolutely oblivious to. For men like that, the amount of work that goes into “getting ready” and materials required may come as a shock. That’s just some of what Robbie, our man on the ground, found out on his trip.

In the end, Robbie ended up with 30+ useful tips for dudes trying to understand Girl World and they are as hilarious as they are handy. Well done, Robbie. These observations are impressively accurate.

1. Giggle juice will do that.

2. A deafening silence. 

3. What would we do without her?

4. It's how we communicate.

5. You never know what you might need.

6. A trick of the trade.

7. Flower power.

8. Tbh I had to google this one.

9. Mirrors are as vital as water.

10. Will you ever get your stuff back? Who knows.

11. Desginated time to rewatch everyone's snapchat stories.

12. Attention: this is not limited to girls.

13. This is an important lesson to learn.

14. Cozy comes first.

15. Always.

16. Also not gender-specific, but yeah, it happens.

17. That's a nice trick.

18. And it's not fair.

19. She's a true artist.

20. How considerate of you, Robbie.

21. An often overlooked step.

22. Tsk, tsk. Not drinking enough water.

23. We can go when the entire closet is on the floor.

24. But should I?

25. They're just being smart about it.

26. You never know when the day might come that you're finally going to try that ambitious galaxy eye shadow...

27. You're opinion means nothing here.

28. Bobby pins are crucial.

29. Shed all day, every day.

30. If it's not an emergency, you can fuck right off.

31. Bonus #1

32. Bonus #2

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Top comments
By  neuronerd  |  28

I thought I could be high maintenance at times, but damn! Is this what it's like to be friends with the "popular girls?"

By  neuronerd  |  28

I thought I could be high maintenance at times, but damn! Is this what it's like to be friends with the "popular girls?"

By  KittyMack  |  13

So, this dude chose a handful of the most shallow, frivolous, worthless POS bimbos in the world, and extrapolates that the behavior of said POS bimbos is representative of the other 3-4 billion females on the planet?
Shut up asshole. Your friends are horrible because you chose horrible friends, not because all women are horrible.

  Shade1982  |  20

Your response doesn't sound much better.
1) These are jokes, not a documentary. Get a sense of humor or accept other people might find this funny.
2) Not a single time has he actually claimed these were applicable to ALL girls. "for girls" =/= "for all girls"
3) Why are you so easily offended by one guy posting this?