New York Skier Doesn't Remember How He Ended Up In California 6 Days Later, Gets A Haircut Instead Of Calling Police

This man seems to have slept through quite the road trip, FML for missing some good views and also probably having been abducted.

This man took “Cross Country Skiing” to a whole new level when he went missing from his ski trip with colleagues in New York and ended up 2,500 miles away in Sacramento, California.

According to Mercury News, while a massive search was being conducted for Toronto firefighter Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, the man was found wandering around 6 days later on the other side of the country, still in the same ski clothes.

Filippidis says he doesn't know how he got there, but that he thinks he’d suffered a head injury, rode in a “big rig-style truck” and remembers and a lot of sleeping.

Filippidis reportedly bought an iPhone when he arrived in Sacramento and called his wife, but also got a haircut. That was the first thing he thought to do? Get a haircut instead of going to the police? At least he remembered that he should probably call his wife, who quickly urged her husband to call the police.

But really, a hair cut? A haircut doesn’t seem like it should even be first on the list of completely useless things to do in an emergency. At least maybe buy some new clothes to change out of the ones you’ve been wearing for 6 days straight.

“He wants to find out where he was as badly as we want to find out where he was,” New York State Police Maj. John Tibbitts said.

Filippidis could basically not have gone further without actually leaving the country. God knows where this man would have ended up had he had a passport ready. Would he have ended up in Japan, and gotten a tattoo? The world may never know.

By Nadine / Monday 19 February 2018 12:40 /
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