Mysterious Spam Calls Came From Actual Gecko

It's not insurance, it's Mother Nature.

Random spam calls can be really annoying, and if you work at Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Center animal hospital in Hawaii, you probably got a lot of them last week.


Hospital director Dr. Claire Simeone shared her story, which began with her receiving 9 mystery calls within 15 minutes, in a series of hilarious tweets on Twitter this week.




She panicked and went straight back to the hospital to see what was wrong, but no one knew who had called her. The more she asked, the more she found other employees who were getting the same spammy yet silent calls.



There were so many unexplained calls all coming from inside the facility that staff suspected a glitch in the phone system.



The theory was confirmed by Hawaiian Telecom as a possibility, but they soon found it was something completely different.



It was a gecko.




Calls had gone out to everyone on the recent call list, so people outside the hospital staff must've been bothered as well.



We'd seen him in a lot of weird commercials, but we never thought he'd be so sneaky in real life. Too bad he forgot to say his catchphrase while he had the confused call recipients on the line!

By Gloria Borger / Thursday 11 October 2018 08:54 / United States
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