By Anonymous - / Thursday 4 April 2019 16:00 /
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  jbuckets_404  |  36

HALF of all marriages do NOT end in divorce! URBAN MYTH!!!

Do one-half of all the still-married couples that you personally know get divorced every year? I think probably NOT.

ACTUAL statistic: TWICE as many couples GET MARRIED every year as the number of all DIVORCES ...

but NOBODY ever CORRECTLY quotes it that way 'cuz it's too many words while the "short" version is more SHOCKING and easier to remember (though STILL WRONG).

  Hempseed  |  18

"Getting married is a commitment. Cumming in someone and they get pregnant is not."

Please explain to me why a piece of paper and a piece of metal are considered more of a commitment to you than a child.

Also, not everybody is in favour of the idea of being chained, my dude.
I, personally, respect people who choose to procreate out of wedlock.

By  chosha_fml  |  25

People are making such mean, crappy comments. This must be so heartbreaking, OP. I hope he will either come back or at the very least be a better father than he is a boyfriend. Don’t let this spoil these precious days with your new born baby.

By  bluejello2001  |  16

OP if it makes you feel any better, a friend of mine was in a similar situation.
A couple of hours after giving birth to their second child, her husband went down to the cafeteria. He left his phone behind and my friend picked it up to start telling people the happy news. Instead, she saw a text message from his *favourite* prostitute. The whole time she was in labour, he was texting a prostitute about how much it sucked that his "bitch wife and her fucking labour" were making him miss their rendezvous.
Friend paged her nurse and said that she and the baby would need STD tests immediately. That was a seriously messed up divorce.