Music Soothes The Soul... And Cheese Too?

It's a musical experiment with Swiss Cheese!

You gouda brie kidding.


It's well known that music soothes the soul , but could it also soothe the cheese? That's exactly what veterinarian by day and cheesemaker by night Beat Wampfler wondered: if music could change the taste and flavors of his Emmental (a variety of Swiss cheese) wheels. Granted, it sounds a bit absurd, and yet...

In front of the giant rounds of cheese in this Swiss ripening cellar in Burgdorf, Switzerland, visitors can also see a sound system and above all, hear music. Since the month of September, this cheesemaker is testing his rather original hypothesis: "Bacteria are responsible for the formation of the taste of cheese, with the enzymes that influence ripening, and I am convinced that moisture, temperature, or nutrients are not the only elements to have an influence on the taste but that the sounds, the ultrasounds or the music can also have physical effects." he explained to AFP.

The most fun thing about this story is that each cheese has its own music. Yes, diversity for Emmentals is very important! The wheels can enjoy Mozart, Led Zeppelin, techno, and hip-hop.

The cheeses will be refined for several months in music. They will then be tasted on March 14 by a jury of experts, which we would love to be part of.

In your opinion, which musical style will have the best influence on these wheels? Let the betting begin!

By VDM / Tuesday 6 November 2018 16:27 /
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