Mom Sues Group Home After They Shave Her Daughter’s Head Bald Without Permission

When a Massachusetts woman finds that her biracial, 7-year-old daughter Tru’s hair has been entirely shaved off for no apparent reason, she decides to take legal action.

Denise Robinson of Dracut, Massachusetts was picking up her 7-year-old daughter from Little Heroes Group Home when she found out her daughter’s long locks had been chopped off. Nay, shaved off. Tru, her daughter, who had been dropped off with her hair braided in pigtails, is now bald.

Little Heroes is a state run program for children with mental health and behavioral needs where Tru spends several nights a week. Robinson, furious at the home for having shaved her daughter’s head demanded to know why they had done so. She gives details in an interview with NECN.

“There was no head lice, there was no bed bugs, there was no Rasta locks was going on...there was nothing wrong with her hair,”

Little Heroes commented that they had done so for reasons of “hygiene,” but Robinson and her lawyer are taking action against the facility because they feel that it was never an issue of hygiene, and rather an issue of race.

They made a game out of it while they were cutting her hair, and after they cut her hair, then they told her oh, it will grow back straight don’t worry.

In a statement to the press, Robinson’s attorney Richard Kendall proclaimed the case a biracial issue, in which Tru’s carers implied that having straighter hairs is better than having “dread, curly hair.”

"I am very upset. And I'm not going to stop being upset because I feel like my child was assaulted and violated.”

Little Heroes has been slow to offer their defense, but then again, what could you possibly say in defense of shaving off an innocent child’s hair without permission. Even calling this an FML is belittling the issue. This is much more than that - it’s discriminatory and inexcusable.

By Nina / Wednesday 25 October 2017 15:48 / France
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By  EleanorDilligaf  |  5

I'm not saying the mom is right and I'm not saying she's wrong, but keep in mind there are always 2 sides to a story. One or both sides, also, tends to omit info from or exaggerate their version.

By  darkshadus  |  10

To the poster that said "there are 2 sides" how would you feel if you kid came home with a shaved head and was told that it would grow back different? This was a total violation and racial discrimination. The mother should not only sue but press criminal charges as well.

  Friesian  |  7

I’m not saying it isn’t racial discrimination, but you don’t know that it is, either. The kid may not have had dreads or lice, but it is possible that she had some knots in her hair that may have been impossible or painful to comb out.


Take a breath it's going to be ok. Again, I say you don't know both sides of the story. If it were my child I would get all info possible then decide if I need to be mad. I realise this concept is difficult for most to understand as most people are unreasonable.

By  Akitakat  |  31

Having extremely thick curly hair, I have went through a similar thing. I'm not saying it was race or a school, but my mom had my hair cut off/shaved at 6yo because it was so hard to deal with. I was devastated & hated my hair till it grew back. It did not straighten anything but it did immediately darken from strawberry blond to auburn red!

The reason I'm sharing this is because I'd say this place did so to make life easier on themselves & they had no right to do so. They should be sued because I know this can & will effect her. Kids pick on others for stupid things. So many reasons this lawsuit, I hope they are taught a huge lesson!