MMMBOP! Jimmy Fallon Brings Back The Hanson Hit Song To Celebrate Kylian Mbappé's World Cup Victory

By Nadine / vendredi 20 juillet 2018 10:00
Though catchy, everyone knows that that song should never be mentioned, otherwise you're risking having it stuck in your head for the next 72 hours. FML. Sorry guys.

Jimmy Fallon has been the source of many of our hilarious hashtag-time tweet lists, but this time he's graced our website for an entirely different, though still hilarious reason.

Though World Cup fever is dying down now, people are still talking about how the 19-year-old soccer prodigy Kylian Mbappé led the French team to victory. That is...if they manage to say his name correctly, they are. 

"After the game Mbappé said winning the World Cup totally makes up for being named after a Hanson's song." Fallon said on The Tonight Show.

Check out the clip below.

For those of you who now have the song stuck in your head and are going to look it up right now, let me save you some time.


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