Man smashes into his neighbor's place and attacks him because he'd had enough of Wham!

Having neighbors can be a blessing in disguise, if they're kind, useful and keep an eye on your place when you're away. But most of us keep our distances, otherwise they might start popping round willy-nilly, a bit like Kramer in Seinfeld. This story is about noise, the annoying neighbor's not-so-secret weapon.


In Southampton, UK, it seems that playing classic Wham! songs (George Michael's first claim to fame) can earn you a bashing, especially this 1984 hit:


According to the Daily Echo, Sam Wickenden was so sick of hearing the aforementioned song coming from his neighbor Jamie Sommerton's place that he smashed through the partition separating their balconies and attacked him with a plank of wood. The attack was so violent that the victim ended up with a broken arm, and couldn't go back to work for weeks. 

I did tell you to turn that music down!

The violent neighbor had asked his music lover neighbor several times to turn his music down (or change songs, at least). But playing the same song over and over again, at a high volume… anyone would go bananas. But maybe not THAT bananas. 

(The attacker: not a Wham! fan)


We don't condone violence here at FML, especially since Wickenden had a criminal record, and got two years in prison for GBH. The judge said, "You show a lack of empathy and a lack of remorse for what you have done, and the impact has been read to you. You are a young man with a history of offences which include offences of a violent nature.”

Moral of the story: always make sure there isn't a sociopath living next door before listening to music.

By Alan / Tuesday 28 November 2017 11:27 / France
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

Tonight the music seems so loud.
I wish that we could lose this crowd.
Maybe, it's better that way.
We'd hurt each other with the words we want to say!

(No, it's not better. Hurtful words would be better than a wooden plank.)

By  R_L_Jack  |  11

Yeah neighbors are important. They can make your life miserable. I had to keep a file on one who threaten to kill me in an alcoholic rage. Years later, she is sober and not my neighbor any longer, know she is friendly to me. We are in the same community gardens. I shall not be her friend, no matter what.