Man Nearly Dies After He Is Paralyzed From Built Up Constipation

Did you know a big ol' built up poo can be life threatening? That's one heck of a way to go, and quite the FML.

Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (increased pressure in the abdomen) sounds a lot less amusing than having a huge poo stuck inside you that just won't come out, but it can actually be pretty dangerous, as one Australian man found out.

The 53 year old man with no history of medical problems had to go to the emergency room after 3 days of constipation, The Sun reports. A rectal exam revealed that the man was suffering from massive fecal compaction, which led to severe pain in his leg and even slight paralysis.

The man was taken to surgery right away to remove the feces and relieve his abdominal pain.

"No explanation has been found as yet to explain his significant faecal loading and constipation," said the man's doctor, Simon Ho.

"Significant faecal disimpaction was performed manually under general anaesthesia with approximately 2 Liters of feces removed," the case report states.

That's right: the man had 2 liters of poo in him, and it nearly killed him. We're glad he's alright now, but let this be a message to all FML readers: Fiber is your friend.

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