Man Arrested Hours After Release For Stealing Car From Jail Parking Lot

We definitely wouldn't call this guy a criminal mastermind.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.


According to WIBW, a man in Topeka, Kansas was arrested for stealing a car from the Shawnee County Jail parking lot just hours after he was released from the facility.


The car's owner noticed it was missing from the jail parking lot at around 4pm on Sunday and notified the police. Security footage clearly showed 33-year-old Kevin E. Jones, who had been released from the jail at 9am that day, stealing the vehicle.


Police were then called for another car break-in nearby. This car's owner was on the scene with their neighbors, and they managed to stop the suspect and hold them there until police arrived. Can you guess who it was?


* Jeopardy music plays *


Anyone who guessed "Kevin E. Jones" was right! Congratulations!


Seriously though, it was the same dude. Can you imagine being that bad at crime? It's as if he really wanted to be caught and locked up again. Perhaps there was something outside jail that he wanted desperately to avoid, like a gang he owes a lot of money to, or a really annoying mother-in-law who snores when she sleeps in the room next to his.


Whether or not he wanted it, he was quickly arrested for his little crime spree. Hopefully he's learned a lesson in all this, and the next time he gets out, he wises up and just rides the bus like the rest of us.


By Gloria Borger / Monday 22 October 2018 22:45 /
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