By teebs - United States - San Leandro

Long wait

Today, on my way for a vacation, my car started misfiring, so I called a tow truck. 40 minutes later the tow truck arrived. He then said that he had just gotten another priority call, so he was leaving and someone would be back in another hour to get us. FML
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By  bl3ur0z3  |  17

Please. I've waited 7 hrs in the middle of nowhere and been stuck overnight as a result because the repair shop was closed two hours before I got there. I was 6 hrs from mt destination. 2 hrs is average in my major metropolitan area.

By  April Massari  |  9

My dad is a tow truck driver. If there is an accident, they only get 20 minutes to get there, and are considered emergency response vehicles. If their lights are on, technically you are supposed to treat them the same as an ambulance.(According to a police officer who works closely with the towing company). Someone had it worse than you....