By daddysjudy92 - 28/09/2018 14:00

Today, after being hospitalized last week due to a severe mental breakdown, my mom is still mad at me for missing her big solo at church. She had even tried to demand I be released from the hospital for it. She's still going on about how she thinks I missed it on purpose. FML
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Sounds like we know at least one source of your breakdown...

Also remind her that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not her.


Sounds like we know at least one source of your breakdown...

Sounds like mom put the fun in dysfunction

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Time to cut all ties with your mother!

Your mom was right: you should have gotten out of the corporate medical industry with a vested interest in keeping you “sick” to get a double-shot of Mom and Jesus which would fix you right up!

So your mom is Batshit crazy?

Say to your mom " I'm dumping you from being my mom" walk up to nurse abd say" You have taken care of me. You are my new assigned mom. Thank you.". Trust me. The nurse will be excited to have a new kid.

Please know that, unfortunately, your mom has a serious problem -- there's too little info here to even hazard a diagnosis, but I can think of a possible few. Just remember that this is HER not you, and don't take it on. I'm sure she is engaging in a lot of other behaviors that negatively impact you, even if you haven't really noticed and put it all together, and they are likely why you had a "breakdown."

Typical religious person

do you have a therapist to talk to? they can help you handle your mom issue. seems like she might be a pretty big part of the stress that lead to this.

wishing you huge hugs OP. take care and keep safe xxx

I hate narcissism