Ladies, Are You Bogged Down By Boob Sweat? Say Goodbye to Your FML With the Ta-Ta Towel!

For big-breasted women, under-boob sweat is a real issue. Thankfully, someone invented the ta-ta towel so that sweaty swaying boobs are an FML of the past!

It sounds fun, but what exactly is a “Ta-Ta Towel?”

The answer to all busty women’s summer prayers, that’s what. It’s basically a terrycloth halter bra that you wrap around your boobs, making them look like two sides of a scale, or a magically unattached bikini top. You simply scoop your goodies into either pocket of the Ta-Ta Towel and voila, boob sweat be gone! 

Gaze upon this pearl of innovation:

If you are wondering why something like this was ever invented, you’re probably a dude or a girl with smaller boobs and no sympathy. I have boobs the size of a thirteen-year-old who’s just started wearing a training bra and even I understand the terror of boob sweat. Imagining what women with C to H cups are going through is a swampy nightmare.

Ta-Ta Towel inventor, Erin Robertson came up with the idea while living in LA and getting ready at home for a first date. A broken A/C and summertime heat were all the inspiration she needed to spark genius. A few YouTube videos later to learn how to sew and the Ta-Ta Towel was born.

Unless you’re trying to make some kind of fashion statement, the Ta-Ta Towel is intended for at-home use. Use the following photos for inspiration!

Use it for lounging around the house:

When watering your plants:

To keep your sweat from dripping onto the potatoes you’re cutting:

It’s even good for breast feeding!

Busty women all over are rejoicing! May swamp boobs be an FML for the history books!

But there are some people who still don't quite understand:

What do you think: is this a boob sweat-must or a boob sweat-bust? Let us know in the comments!

By Nina / Monday 7 August 2017 12:04 / France
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