LA Photographer Throws Obnoxious Party On NYC Subway

It's all a show for some people.

NY doesn't ❤️ her.


Riding the subway in New York City can be a stressful experience on its own, especially if you're going to/from work. Whether it's crowded, delayed, stuck, hot, noisy, or smelly, there's always something to grumble about. Commuters are used to looking out for the occasional wild card like a masturbator or public urinator, but this might be a first.


Gird your loins, New Yorkers. The birthday bitch is here.


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RESERVATIONS FELL THRU FAMILY CAME THRU. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. i love u all. @ovation.bysamanthaseyfert

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We use the term "bitch" affectionately, of course. We get that the influencer bubble traps people in an "it's all about me" mentality. Their life suddenly revolves around creating the next fun (enviable) photo shoot, but doing it for the 'gram can get pretty annoying to people who live outside that bubble.


This supposedly "spontaneous" party was thrown at the end of a subway car on the JMZ line, which runs from Manhattan through Brooklyn and out into Queens, when dinner reservations fell through (they forgot to make them). Birthday girl and Instagram user @amberasaly got on with her friends and set up a table and a banner that said "Go GIrL ITs YA BDAY". They ate lobster and pasta and drank white wine. There was a piñata. There were presents. There was music and decorations. It could've been a good party, honestly, if only it wasn't so tainted by obnoxious colorful exhibitionism. We cringe.


Instagrammers worldwide are probably getting ideas... but please, just don't. This shit is messy, disruptive, and annoying as all get out. The world doesn't revolve around you, even on your birthday. Crazy, I know! Theoretically, the ladies cleaned up after themselves before leaving the train, but unless they brought a vacuum, there's no way they got all that confetti. Just drink your wine at home next time, gals. Leave the rest of us in peace.


Think we're being too hard on them? Allow us to pull in some Twitter backup:








PS: Please don't ever sit on the subway floor in New York. We hope she burned that dress afterwards.


By Gloria Borger / Monday 12 November 2018 09:45 / United States
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