Japanese Couple Apologizes To Employer For Getting Pregnant When It Wasn't Their Turn

Yep. That's a real thing that happened somewhere on the globe. FML for humanity.

A Japanese worker was reportedly reprimanded by her employer for getting pregnant when it was not her turn, The Telegraph reports.

The timing of the woman's pregancy clashed with shifts that were already decded by childcare centre director, which -- get this -- actually listed when female staff were allowed to marry and have children. 

Sounds a little Handmaid's Tale, but alright.

Believe it or not, the reason this story is getting media attention actually has nothing to do with the woman complaining but about the circumstance, but rather because her husband wrote a letter about the issue to Mainich Shimbun, a major Japanese newspapers.

The husband described his wife as “glum and anxious” when she found out she was pregnant.

“The director at the child care center where she works had determined the order in which workers could get married or pregnant, and apparently there was an unspoken rule that one must not take their 'turn' before a senior staff member.”

What!? How is this even a thing that has been happening for so long at this childcare center (ironically, probably the most maternal and child loving place of employment one could hope to work for.)

“Childcare providers sacrifice their own children to care for the children of others. It is a noble profession that nurtures children who will forge the future of this country.

I respect my wife for her commitment to her profession, and continue to encourage her. The conditions of those working to nurture and care for children are evidence of a backward country.” 

Maternity harassment is a very real thing in Japan. In 2015 a government survey revealed that half of the nation’s working women "suffered some kind of harassment after becoming pregnant, with one in five dismissed from their job." The Telegraph reports that this discrimination is not unique only to childcare positions. 

By Nadine / Wednesday 4 April 2018 20:51 /
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