It Turns Out America's Favorite Mexican Restaurant is Taco Bell, And That's Hilarious For So Many Reasons

Though undeniably delicious, you can hardly call the fast food chain a Mexican restaurant. FML, America.

Recently, consumers rated 3,000 brands for this year’s Harris Poll and Taco Bell won in the category of best Mexican restaurant.

Now, there's always that one asshole who's going to tell you that "TaCo BeLl iSn'T EvEn MeXiCan FoOd" and today that asshole is going to be us, here at FML. Everything about Taco Bell winning this award is hilarious, considering you can't really call it mexican food at all... or even go so far as to call it a restaurant -- like you don't drive up there at 3 am and shamefully shove a burrito in your mouth, spilling fire sauce all over youself on the way back home. 

However, we aren't going to be the particularly giant kind of asshole that can't even admit that though you can not truthfully call it Mexican food; whatever it is, it's goddamn delicious. 

If you think about all those Taco Bell favorites everyone loves, it's not very shocking that it did win. Especially when you consider that, to be fair, your local authentic Mexican joint would never win because the restaurant clearly needs to be well known nationwide. But that doesn't make it any less funny.

Crunchwrap supremes? People go ape shit for those things. Chicken quesadilla, or plain cheese? Whatever! As long as it's got that incredible sauce slathered all over it. And what happened to that burrito with the spicy fritos packed inside it? It got a new name and was moved to the DOLLAR menu, fam. And let's not even talk about cheesy fiesta potatoes. 

77,000 customers chose their favorites on over 3,000 brands to determine la crème de la crème. 

Bless you, taco bell. Just keep doing your thing. 

By Nadine / Thursday 13 September 2018 16:49 /
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