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By Anonymous - 08/07/2021 16:02

Today, it's my birthday, none of my friends wished me a thing. I spent the whole day crying and then decided to call few of them and sobbingly demanded an explanation. Most of them didn't pick up, the rest called me a drama queen, saying that my birthday isn't as important as I think. FML
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As much as at least SOMEONE wishing a happy birthday is nice, calling people and demanding an explanation was the most childish way you handled that.

Happy birthday from your internet friends ;*


Happy birthday from your internet friends ;*

As much as at least SOMEONE wishing a happy birthday is nice, calling people and demanding an explanation was the most childish way you handled that.

Next time, don't bother with those other people. Hey, don't even bother calling them for their birthday. Just plan yourself a great day of whatever you want. Happy birthday!

Are you over the age of 21. if yes then your friends are correct and your birthday really does not matter anymore(unless you count renting a car or retirement age). You were IN THE WRONG TO DEMAND your friends explain why they didn't wish you a happy birthday. I truly hope most of them cut you off as friends. You would deserve it.

while I agree birthday's don't mean much as an adult, outside of legal liability and free stuff from some restaurants. a text, email, phone call all take like 30 seconds. what's the cost of friendship, I get if OP feels shitty that noone took 30 seconds to say something. but yes calling them up and getting upset is the wrong way to handle it by far.

Here I thought I was bad when I tell people not to say that to me on my birthday. Not that I care how old I am (46), just about the time I was 15 or so, I quit caring about my birthday. To call up friends demanding to know why they didn’t wish you a happy birthday is childish, and yes, drama queenish

Crying the whole day? Calling them all DEMANDING an explanation? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are over the age of 12, correct? You were being a HUGE drama queen. People do have lives and it doesn't revolve around you. I have a neighbor who is 40 and cries and whines about everything and it's really super annoying. None of us care for her because of it. Stop! Grow up!

mmmmmm no 5

Instead of wallowing in self pity, maybe think about your birth mom as it is the anniversary of her going through the birth process of bringing you to life. Maybe how about doing random good deeds to strangers, making someone else's day a better day. Look around you, there are plenty of things to be celebrated.

Spinal Tap turned it up to 11, you turned it up to a googolplex.

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Lmao thanks for making me chuckle out loud

I mean, it would have been nice to have someone wish you a happy birthday, but what you did was pathetic and childish. I hope you just turned ten because that's how old you're acting.

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Your friends are right. You sound a bit dramatic to say the least.