It's National Waterpark Day! What Better A Day Than Today To Read All The FMLs That Happened At Waterparks?

By Nadine / samedi 28 juillet 2018 10:00
And believe us, a lot of FMLs have happened there.

1. She was just being polite!

2. You're welcome, sir.

By ifeelfat - / Tuesday 17 June 2014 20:44 / United States

3. Hope he's prepared for a dry Summer.

4. Either you really don't listen well or your friends are really shitty.

5. Huzzah! To the place we always go!

6. Ya got some gross kids. Who wants to see their mom's ta-tas?

7. Hope you had a good time besides that because you gotta take that kid to the hospital stat.

By sarahfromthesouth / Tuesday 8 June 2010 16:07 / United States

8. Mind ya business, strangers.

9. Well, that's still a way to start a conversation. 

10. Thank you for the exact name of that waterpark.

11. Yeeeesh. Quite the show.

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