Indebted without work

Today, my husband has to quit his job. 5 months ago, we paid a deposit on a section for our brand new house and the title and mortgage need to be finalized next week. His work is forcing him out because he wanted to do his job safely and to a high standard of workmanship. FML
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By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

How has he been forced to quit (I am presuming an environment has been made which is unwelcoming)? If that is the case then I am presuming they made the same excuse a company made with a friend of mine, he was working to slow because he wanted to put the guards down on the machines etc.

By  LostSoul  |  19

If he has not reported the unsafe work conditions, then he is just an asshole. Sorry,no other way to put it. What, he leaves and whines about having to leave because it is unsafe but leaves other people to work like that? Are you kidding? Either man up or shut up. Unless he is going to do the right thing and report them, his own fault

By  PlagueofFiction  |  19

Here in Australia there's a thing you can claim called "Unfair dismissal.", if you have something similar where you are, I'd do that, his former boss could get into a world of trouble for firing someone for doing the right thing.

  Rodville  |  28

That only works if they actually fire you. If you are “encouraged” to quit then you quit so no wrongful termination. That’s why they do it that way so they don’t get sued.

By  Alister  |  4

Report them to OSHA. It is illegal to fire someone for following OSHA safety laws. It is also illegal to fire someone for reporting the company to OSHA