By Florida Girl - / Saturday 9 March 2019 12:00 /
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Why would her boyfriend's mom hold her accountable for her father's actions? If OP admitted it was her father who vandalized the field, her boyfriend's mom would call her dad an asshole, then probably mention that she hoped he'd changed, and regretted his behavior now that he's older. If OP also admitted she found her father's behavior funny, her boyfriend's mom would probably reveal her disappointment in OP, but she wouldn't blame her for it.

By  dedanjel  |  32

Your dad bullied, and probably psychologically scarred, some poor kid in a costume as his "senior prank."
Before calling something funny, put yourself in that situation. Would you like being in some bulky costume while someone spray paints you against your will? In a very public place, no less? If you wouldn't find it funny happening to you, think long and hard about yourself before calling it funny when it happens to someone else

  Dave_Davington  |  33

That's the read you got from it? I thought the dad spray painted a picture of his own school's mascot on the surface of the football field of the boyfriend's mother's school.

  RichardPencil  |  27

You misunderstood the story.

Her dad snuck in at night and painted the image of his school’s mascot on the field of the mom’s high school. No people were assaulted. CTFD

By  RichardPencil  |  27

Turns out the asshole gene is dominant.

There’s at least a 75% chance you’re going to make your boyfriend late to his mom’s funeral by wasting 15 minutes selecting a shirt.

By  thehaystackerine  |  16

It could be worse... by the end of the first sentence, I thought you were going to say that your boyfriend is also your half brother.

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