By Anonymous - 09/07/2019 02:00

Today, it's only been a week since I've been in my new apartment with my boyfriend, and I already caught him cheating. FML
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pretend you don't know and get lots of evil sneaky revenge on his ass.


It’s been One week Since you looked at me Started boning some other girl... That’s how it goes, right? I love that song!

did she throw her hands up in the air and say she's angry?

She’s gonna getta setta betta clubs, Find the kind with tiny nubs And go off on the backswing.

See two of my friends are moving in with their partners and one of those couples moved to the other coast and I’m just like whyyyy did you not consider y’all could break up?? Have a bad fight? For there to be infidelity, God forbid? For them to be a terrible roommate or not pay bills? Like wtf

Isn't it better that you find out if the relationship will last or not sooner rather than later? Moving in with someone shows you who they truly are. Why waste your time with someone when you can be with someone you actually can live with

Plus, SHIT HAPPENS. The way you talk it seems like people should never move in or do anything co-dependantly lest they break up. It's always a possibility. That's not a reason to not take reasonable next steps.

I hope you mean ex-boyfriend. You deserve better than that piece of crap OP

pretend you don't know and get lots of evil sneaky revenge on his ass.

if he's still your boyfriend then ydi. if you were smart enough to dump him then fyl.