By Leanna
Today, I cleaned my entire house. Ready for a fresh finishing touch in the bedroom, I grabbed the Febreze and lightly sprayed over my clean bedding, carpeting, and clothing. Then a pungent odor hit me. It seems someone forgot to label the bottle when they filled it with vinegar instead. FML
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  Amy78_fml  |  11

vinegar is suppose to neutralize odors. When it dries your not suppose to smell it anymore, but I feel like I can smell it for days after cleaning with it.

By  Mightytall  |  35

Vinegar is a great.
I don't think there is a more universal household product than vinegar.
It deodorizes, disinfects, cleans, kills weeds and removes algae and moss from stones (don't use it on marble though!).

But I wouldn't use it like Febreeze on fabric due to the acidity.

I would have a word or two about proper labeling of containers with the members of your household.
What's next? Urine sample in a juice bottle in the fridge?

By  finalyearsofhate  |  22

On the bright side, vinegar IS a natural odor eliminator (among other things). So once the salad smell dissipated, enjoy the nice freshness. I use vinegar to clean almost everything at home.

By  species4872  |  19

At least you won't have any flies.

By  JadeMinu  |  10

Well OP, if it makes you feel better, I was on a cleaning spree myself a few days ago, and instead of using wax on the stairs ( they're wooden stairs) , i used furniture polish instead, and i kept wondering why the stairs was way too slippery later on. Thankfully there was no accidents, but i did have to find some way to get the polish off the stairs lol.

By  Colon_Man  |  17

Plot twist: You live alone! (Don't worry, OP. I've done things to myself, also. Just get revenge on future you by setting up a trick and forget about it)

By  HalfLit  |  17

Plot twist: Fabreeze is full of harmful chemicals, and vinegar, although pungent, is extremely good for killing bacterias that cause odors, where Fabreeze simply masks them, and cultivates the conditions.

By  MitiMiki  |  16

On the upside, the odor will dissipate, and vinegar is actually a very good deodorizer. I cleaned houses for a living about a million years ago. We used only 4 cleaning products: ammonia (for windows and mirrors), Comet (for porcelain), Murphy's Oil Soap (for wood floors), and white vinegar (for everything else).