By OkieThePokie - 07/08/2017 13:00

Today, I found out that my unborn son has an abnormally large head. I have an abnormally small and narrow pelvis, and I'm allergic to local anesthetic, so no epidural or spinal for me! FML
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That was like my sister, so she ended up having her kids via C-section. May want to look into that

they would have you get a c-section and safely knock you out...


That was like my sister, so she ended up having her kids via C-section. May want to look into that

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Aiden Stubblefield 9

drinking just a little less poison than that which can kill you, may not make you stronger. nor will hypo thermia if you get to live.

Actually, humans DO become resistant to protein-based poisons such as snake venom. Our immune system's pretty cool, adapting to just about anything that doesn't kill you. There supposedly used to be a guy that injected himself with snake venom for most of his life, then transfused his blood into people that were bitten by snakes when serum wasn't available. Such a think actually works too, though transfusing large amounts is dangerous due to blood type mismatches.

*thing, not think. Curse you, lack of an edit option!

Sceptic59 3

If this is true, this is the only FML that I've seen on this website.

they would have you get a c-section and safely knock you out...

dogeatdogeatheart 4

Consider this: she may not want to be unconscious when her child is literally born. That's sooooort of a big moment. Once in a lifetime, literally.

C-section sounds medically safer in this case. I was born c-section and it was no less special for my mother.

Cassieloub 3

Why safer? You don't NEED a epidural to give birth. I had had and air and that was it.

Powys12 0

If the baby is large enough and the pelvis is small enough, the baby will break your pelvis on the way out. That takes months to heal. Alternatively: get a c-section and experience far less pain that breaking your pelvis open to accommodate the baby's head.

Sure! Or she could be pushing, and she receives an episiotomy (Or worse, Perineal tear) which has weeks of recovery and sometimes reconstructive surgery. And again, she would then have to be awake through the surgery of the intentional cut/unintentional tear and further surgery to correct it. Or, she could be pushing and have to now have an Emergency Cesarean, with the baby under stress, and the mother under more. She'd have to get knocked out either way for those. Sometimes you don't always get things they way you want them to, but I would most certainly prefer the health of mine and my child's body over seeing my baby immediately. I've had two Cesareans, and the first one was emergency. I'm thankful for having a competent doctor who gave me sound medical advice, as I also have a very narrow pelvis and tried anyways!

C section for you! Hope it all goes well with it all.

On the bright side, you will always have the excruciating pain of childbirth to guilt-trip the kid for the rest of their life! “Don’t want to clean your room? Remember that time your big, bulbous head came out of my tiny hoo-hah? No? I do! Now, clean your fucking room!”

Bubbles77777 11

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For once, this will undoubtly be more painful than what most men will experience. Good luck OP!

CassyM 6

Yes, a c-section here they knock you out is likely what they will offer you. Very sorry as I am sure that was not in the birth plan. But how he comes isn't as important as you both being okay. Good luck!

Cassieloub 3

Why is everyone assuming she'll need a c-section? Many women give birth without epidurals.

Narrow pelvis and wide baby head has a higher chance of the doctor giving an episiotomy, or the mother having a perineal tear. Which, she would have to feel on top of the birth. That's the issue!

Not only that, I'm having a hard time reconciling epidural to "local anesthetic." Two different things, I'm pretty sure.

She may not have known that there's a name for both. Epidurals I believe have both substances in it? Pain relief and spinal block. (analgesia and anesthesia)

Lobby_Bee 17

Have the baby in a pool if that even helps at all, I have no idea. I just saw it in some movie.

I wish you that the doctors don't decide that general anestesia is too dangerous for the foetus and decide to give you a C-section cold turkey...or worse, a cut to the vajayjay and a pep talk while you scream your head off. Good luck!