Huge spider terrorises Australian couple: When cosplaying goes too far!

Coming across a spider in your home is usually pretty scary, no matter what size it is. When it's a Huntsman the size of a small child in spider cosplay, it's "new set of underwear" time.

"Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can…"

In this case, sitting by a porch window and frightening a Queensland, Australia couple. As most people do, they were trying to enjoy a quiet barbecue when this… FML thing appeared by the window. 

(Cats are not renowned for kicking the crap out of huge spiders)

They didn't want to try killing it with a rolled-up newspaper or an old slipper, and the spider was totally unphased by the presence of the family cat, but they still had food to cook, Lauren Ansell in the kitchen and her partner still outside with the "barbie". Preparing dinner together was become quite a problem. It didn't stop Lauren from naming it Aragog.

(Aragog is very unoriginal, we would've called it Dave) 

When's dinner going to be ready?

Eventually, it went off into the wild, probably to scare someone else to death with its mean demeanour and snobby stand-offishness, and the barbecue was resumed.



By Alan / Thursday 27 July 2017 15:29 /
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