Here's This Week's Collection Of The Worst FMLs Ever

Here's another selection of the worst FMLs we've received over the years. Read them and weep.

Hello everyone! Once again, here's FML's weekly Best of the Worst! Even more proof that the internet is full of people who can claim that reality is stranger than fiction.

For the people who've never seen this section of FML before, we get sent loads of FMLs, but we only publish a few, due to the fact that most aren't very good, and some are downright terrifying. Amongst those, we also get sent very dumbass stories. Or "dang flabbits" as I like to call them. That's what we post in this feature. Now, get ready, be prepared.


Today.. its the second day of the holidays and I'm at home chilling. Then, my dad comes and starts scowling about how I never study. Okay, fine, I admit I don't really study, but I still study. Now, I'm getting a "lesson" on how I should manage my life. its MY LIFE. FML.

omg yes please can not wait

Today, Can Dolph Lundgren makes a double dragon movie with the blonde in rocky. YES!. FML

ur under arrest for possession of dick

mistakenly sent my parole officer a picture of me in the shower holding my penis

patience is key

I get so impatient hungry watching my food microwave that when it’s done cooking, I can’t stop myself from taking a huge ass but the second I take it out & burn the fuck out of my tongue. With that being said, I burned my tongue 4 times within the last week. #FML


Today, I woke up in jail w/ no idea how I got there. The night b4 I went to a strip w/friends. Some1 refilled my drink. Drugs make you do crazy things. jumped out of a moving car went running down the street&kicked down some random persons house door, btw he was a cop. Hello jail time. FML

how could she

Today, Before my wife made love to me after having our 3rd baby on my birthday she had a threesome in our home with her friends she went to bed with me, I woke up, she was gone, I walked out in the living room an saw them and said her name an they acted like I didn't exist female I wanna die but my kids need me. FML

ah ah ah ah ah stayin' alive

Today, I asked mom if she had gotten my food I could eat, since I'm allergic to almost everything. She said she hadn't. When I asked her if she realized I hadn't eaten in nearly 2 weeks, she shrugged replying with "there are hot dogs in the fridge" which she knows I can't eat if I want to stay alive. FML

the last best of the worst serves as a warning: revenge porn is not cool. do not send us your exes nudes. -FML team.

That's it for now. We'll be back next week for some more weirdness because there's plenty more in our backlog. You can probably see some yourself while they are sent in by using the Moderate the FMLs feature on our website/app. As usual, these all have been collected from the website right from the very beginning, so don't bother trying to send in your own weird stories to try and get them published in here, it won't work. We can spot the phonies. Take care!

By Nadine / Friday 8 June 2018 13:13 / France
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

Worst presents ever, top 5.
5: A knitted Christmas sweater.
3: Anything with your name engraved on it, but your name is misspelled.
2: Anthrax (the bacterial infection, not the band).
1: Dick pics.
You ruined Father's Day for your parole officer, fool. Go apologize.