Here's A Gift We Would've Liked This Xmas: Chicken Leg Pants.

The fashion industry is a weird place to hang out. Not that we'd ever be let into a fashion show. We've seen pictures on the internet, but these pants are just downright odd. And ugly. FML ugly.


OK, these are maybe a little hideous, but think of all the practicle applications they could have :

- You could hide at least two friends and take them into a movie theatre with you

- You could represent KFC across the world

- You could fill them with Helium and just fly around.

So, want some?

No? Halloween has been and gone, Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. There's no special occasion left to disguise yourself as a giant chicken or massive turkey. It could be a great gift for a vegetarian friend, to remind them that even though they've stopped eating chicken drumsticks, they can almost become one. 

This amazing discovery is down to Twitter user @k_kazu_magi, and written about by Bored Panda. It appears that looking like a roast chicken is trendy. Yep, check it out for yourself: 


MC Hammer called, he doesn't want you to touch his pants

They are kinda sexy. Almost. Go on, admit that you'd like to have the balls (or ladyballs) to wear these in public. You just couldn't. Despite all that, Twitter user @Demasei_ has taken them to task in Photoshop and let his creative side take over: 


It's almost the same thing.

All that's missing is BBQ Sauce and roaring charcoal. When can we expect sushi dresses, pizza t-shirts or apple core jeans?

Damn. Now I'm hungry.

By Alan / Friday 22 December 2017 10:22 /
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