Here Are This Week’s Top 10 Most Clever and Hilarious Comments!

In this week’s comment countdown, we’ve got a whole lot of snark, some fun references, and one user sticks it to pointless commenters. It’s fun for the whole family, come read!

10. Classic divorce comeback in fooltemptress’s comment countdown debut.

“It's time for her to get dosed with divorce papers.”


9. Thank you, e00r, for this highly appropriate citation of the only lyrics anyone knows to this song.

“What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us, Just a stranger on the bus, Trying to make his way home?”


8. Brilliant idea, Madrias!

"A brick to the windshield of his brand new Corvette would give him a new crisis to worry about.”


7. Colon_Man demonstrates a clear understanding of the FML.

“Don't worry, OP! You'll train 'em faster next time!”



6. A lesson in theater-going etiquette from Lobby_Bee.

“It is rude to speak loudly when someone is trying to get some rest.”


5. What has the word “poop” in it and isn’t funny? RichardPencil gets it.



4. As expected, gobiteme2, is a savage beast.

“Should have looked her in the eye and said dessert was great.”


3. Clever, Leeono!

“Bet you wish her evil plan was as transparent...”


2. Spongebob references move you to the head of the class, Glowworm56!

“'Meow!' 'Gary! Ha ha! I was just looking for the sports channel!'”


1. You are a hero, somedudesomewher. This should be an auto-response for all comments of this nature.



“Thank you for the vast contribution of knowledge brought upon everybody on this site by your extremely interesting and well-detailed comment.”




“Grandma is happy that she has help. Handling Grandpa’s “needs” is probably a hard job!”


            “You said "hard"....huh-huh-huh....”


                        “And I said job and handling, too.;)”



“In my Junior year, the bookstore couldn't get me a copy of an advance French book. I went to class without it and noticed a beautiful blonde girl sitting across the room as soon as I walked in the door. I walked across the room directly to her and asked if I could share her book. We've been married, well, for some time now. She's still beautiful. Make the best of it!”



“Jokes on her, you'll be the center of attention as everyone will be admiring and wondering where this sexy unicorn came from.”



“Just in general I'd say it's very rude to make negative comments to someone you do not know at all. I don't understand how it can be more complicated than that.”



Click to FML to view the thread. It's nice to see that FMLers can tell when to make jokes and when to band together in support. Fills my heart with glee!

By Nina / Friday 1 September 2017 12:36 /
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