Here Are This Week’s Top 10 Funniest Comments!

In this week’s comment countdown, we’ve got witty remarks, life lessons, perfect references, and grammatical errors. A lot of grammatical errors.

10. The possibilities are endless, Regulate!

“I realise I'm not using technology to it's full potential.”


9. You might be, Tarlachia, but it’s an interesting thought nonetheless.

“I can't be the only one who thought you had a giant magnet that pulled another car into yours.”


8. I don’t think that’s the preferred terminology these days, but I see what you’re getting at, RichardPencil.

“Very inappropriate! Your sign-off should have read: ‘Mentally challenged!’ and then your signature.”



7. Still something, Burle!

“What size engine, brand, model?”


            “I get the feeling he might be able to tell us what colour it is”


6. Duly noted, Dave_Davington.

“That's a lesson for you, kids. Before getting frisky, always smell the area to make sure it's clear of pervs.”


5. Jay and Silent Bob are always welcome on the list, PennyLane27, maharb01, and sumocj.

“’15 bucks, little man. Put that shit in my hand. If the money doesn't show, then you owe me, owe me, owe!’”


            “like jungle love!”


                        “I think I'd like to know ya know ya. Yeah what!”


4. Exactly, gobiteme2.

“Wow, are you saying all girls that go out are dogs?”


3. Because there’s such a thing as too much pussy, pjsr.

“If your morning wood is big enough to be mistaken for a scratching post, that's something to brag about! Still, looks like you got a little more pussy than you wanted.”


2. The perfect reference, coolmike699.

“This is precisely why swords and guns are illegal in sensible countries.”


            “’In America, you have the right to be stupid.’ -Fmr. Sec. of State John Kerry”


1. Good advice from 123765.

“it you have your receipt just take it back and get a refund if it doesnt look used”



"I like beards”


“I don't like beards”

-Chris Smith


“Please don't experience the miracle of sex. You're children will come out with an IQ of 2.”


“Oh the irony.”


By Nina / Friday 8 September 2017 12:20 /
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