Here Are The Top 12 Comments Of The Week!

There were a lot of funny comments... Here are our staff picks!

12. * moustache bristles ominously *

"I mustache you to cut it out immediately." -bluhbluhbluh


11. LÄMP

"It's a perfectly understandable response. After all, who among us hasn't picked up the nearest person and hurled them down the stairs upon being startled?" -Dave_Davington


10. Take notes, people.

"Never trust the airlines with things that are critical to survival: that’s why I wrap my charging cords around my arms and legs when I fly. TSA doesn’t like it, but fuck ‘em, I’d rather be waterboarded than let my iPhone get below 70% charge!" -RichardPencil


9. Share the love.

"Maybe your husband just needs a hug ... in the face ... with a chair." -acmariner99


8. Makes sense.

"I thought kids were supposed to see-saw?" -Leeono


7. I see what you did there...

"I'm sure they were blown away. Did the speech leave you winded?" -Linda Mau


6. Clever.

"Did the person who stole your fence take it to a fence afterwards much to your offence?" -Glowworm56


5. Well said!

"With frenulems like that who needs frenemies?" -TheSminty1


4. Ouch.

" Ah! I got firework in my eye again!" -Late For Breakfast


3. Heh.

"That is the type of roach you'd expect to try to enter you there." -PenguinPal3017


2. So special.

"Wow. The Chosen 5%. Must feel good being that rare." -LAUGHINGKOMODO


1. Do the worm.

"The early bird gets the worm. And its offspring." -BurnInDemonFire



"Maybe you should rub one out while on your phone with your earphones out by them and the volume all the way up..." -fjvitt


That's all for this week, folks... Hope you're having a great weekend!

If not, be sure to submit an FML about it.

By Chairman Meow / Saturday 6 October 2018 14:19 / United States
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