Here Are the Top 10 Funniest Comments of the Week!

This week in the comment countdown, we see the return of an old friend, some top-of-the-line puns, and we reflect on how lucky we are not to be the subject of these FMLs!

10. And the second rule, for that matter, GhostFox!

“Well, he won't be in it long, he's already broken the first rule!”


9. ‘Tis indeed, Septembero.

“Sounds clitical.”


8. Roses are red, and damn you fine, but Donut_Wizard and Skaloicels777 have their priorities in line.

“To hell with sex, lets all go eat Doritos!”


“Doritos are life”


7. Way to stand up for the oppressed, ARISKomuniszt.

“This is offensive to pink people.”



6. Well played, Kristoffer.

“Oh, so you lost? *blocks you*”


”Really, dad?”


5. Leave it to RichardPencil to deliver this pun bomb.

“No use fretting about it, you picked the wrong store to deal with and you got played! Once you peg the guitar maker, hopefully they won’t string you along and treat you like you’re a nut.”


4. Lobby_Bee had a million great comments this week. Like this one, for example.

“By any chance your boss' name is Dick? Sure sounds like something a Dick would do.”


3. It’s a catch 22, eh, Glowworm56?

“The good news: The guy's dick was obviously bigger than that little hole. The bad news: The guy's dick was obviously bigger than that little hole.”


2. Tripartita is back!

“Average New Jersey tuition: $15,355. Useless textbook: $200. Joy of getting an FML published: priceless. And $15,555.”


1. Don’t we all, Fire_Princess16?

“I love FMLs like these, they make my family seem so normal.”



“I think I have this! What is it called??”


“Numb crumb, I believe.”



“If you have at least three years of experience I know of a job opening!”


“Were they hunting bigfoot? I hear that's a thing now.”


By Nina / Friday 22 September 2017 12:10 / France
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